Title   Report on Shortening of Production Cycle and Improving of Production Efficiency by Plant Rationalization Aired

Report on shortening of production cycle and improving of production efficiency by plant rationalization was aired in the afternoon of January 7. President CHOI SUNG RAK, vice president PARK CHAN and relevant leaders presented.

In order to achieve the target of cutting 180,000 tons in 2008, the participants discussed and shared the issues like countermeasures for implementing maximum of equipment starting rate. The report was delivered by the teacher, who explained selection and determination of the subject, setting of target, promoting of the organization, export of the theme, schedule of the promotion, theme of the facilities, analysis over the results, planning for the future, contents of analysis and the direction of improvement, etc.

Maximum implementation of equipment starting rate is a deep pushing forward of plant rationalization construction, and a substantive operation for attaining a great leap in production among the targets of DSSC in 2008.