Title   Leaders of CSSC Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry Paid a visit to DSSC

A party of 12 leaders from CSSC Shanghai Jiangnan Changxin Heavy Industry paid a visit to DSSC in the morning of February 29. President CHOI SUNG RAK, vice president PARK CHAN and BAE JAE UG, the chief of Hull Department KOO SHIN BON, the chief of Education & Culture DepartmentJEON KYUNG JUNG, and the chief of Production & Planning Department HWANG IN JUN received the visitors in PIC conference room on the fourth floor.

Mr. JEON KYUNG JUNG presided over the meeting. First, president CHOI SUNG RAK expressed his welcome to the visitors from Shanghai Jiangnan Changxin Heavy Industry. Then, the chief of Education & Culture Department explained current status, experience in promotion, area location, and developing plan, etc to the guests. Finally, the guests and the hosts carried out deep discussion and exchange of views in the aspect of the circumstances in shipbuilding industry. Afterwards, escorted by vice president PARK CHAN, the guests visited the plant areas of DSSC, like the wharf, steel stock yard, cutting shop, assembly shop and painting shop. During visiting, vice president PARK CHAN explained the operation of each area to the guests in detail. The guests gave highly praises to our tidy environment and excellent order of operation.