Title   "Save Materials and Reduce Waste"

"Save Materials and Reduce Waste"

-Material Department Patrolled in Material Workshop

. Under the guidance of the Material Department Director An DaoXuan and other leaders, Assistant Managers of production departments and other staff of Material Department held a "save materials and reduce waste" patrol activity around the yard from10:30 a.m on June 14.

Prior to start of the activity, ZhangJian, Assistant Manager of Material Department introduced a variety of waste items in the process of production. In the patrol, the outfitting materials of the finished ships and unused outfitting materials were checked and labeled. The existing problem of welding wires and flux wasting and inappropriate use for scraps was also pointed out.

   In the activity, Director An DaoXuan said: although the waste problems in not as seriously as anticipated, it could not be neglected. I hope all the assistant managers of production department will make investigation to the materials which are already stored for a long time and check if they are useful or not, and we should also set up the "Save materials and reduce waste" consciousness through this activity. Finally, following Assistant Manager Zhang Jian, everyone shouted the slogan of this activity "Save materials and reduce waste, Good! Good! Good!"