Title   The Sixth Guidance Institution Award Ceremony
The Sixth Guidance Institution Award Ceremony was held in MO at 16:00 PM June 21st . Mr.Bae, President of DSSC, Production General Manager Mr.Gu and the chief of relevant departments attended it.
In the awarding ceremony, the representative of excellent advisors gave a speech firstly:í▒ The guiding institution not only gives a hand to others, but also improves myself and strengthens my professional skill. From now on, I will continue to abide by my responsibilities and work hardí▒.
Then one of the outstanding trainee made a speech and said thatí▒ reward is only confirmation to the previous work, and it doesní»t mean I am very excellent. I know I should work hard on the skills that I am still weak in. These set new requirements to me.í▒
Then, President Mr Bae, issued certificates and awards to advisors and trainees who have got the first ,second and third prize.
Finally President delivered the following speech.
Firstly, congratulations to the advisors and trainees who got prize and my sincere thanks for the efforts you have made during the past five months.
Guidance institution has been held six times since July 2008 with totally 777 trainees. They have got a lot from advisors, improved themselves and made a solid foundation for their future.
This kind of activity is the practice to our corporation culture í░LearningíĄCooperationíĄContributioní▒. Now we have stepped into the full ship building, and will try our best to deal with corresponding changes to every other field.
Hence, I hope you will participate in the activity positively, keep this learning spirit and eventually become outstanding technicians. Finally, take care of yourself in summer and pay attention to safety please.
After the ceremony, a commemorative picture of all the staff was taken in front of the main office building.