Title   The 2011 Managers Workshop Meeting Held Successfully
     In order to establish business strategy and management tasks of DSSC, a Workshop meeting was held in the CI SHAN Hot Spring on July 23rd. More than 40 staff, including President Pei ZaiXu, attended the meeting.
     First is to improve production efficiency. Our target for this year is to increase our production capacity by 30%,   up to 40% of DSMEs. Until 2015, out target is to reach to 70% of DSME S production capacity. The aforesaid targets will also be the task and objective of each department.
     Second is to reduce cost.  With the downturn of the shipbuilding market, high cost has become a significant barrier to the development of DSSC.  To improve our competitiveness, DSSC will reduce costs through the following measures in the second half of the year,:
    1. companys core projects improvement.
    2. internal cost reducing activities in each department
    3. Corporate funds saving activities
      Finally, President Pei ZaiXu delivered a locknote speech. He pointed out that the successful construction of Y001 & Y002, which is about to begin, is of crucial importance to future development of DSSC. The construction of Y001 & Y002 will decide whether we can step into the full shipbuilding in the future. President Pei ZaiXu also expressed his hope that each department will make every endeavor to achieve our goals.