Title   The First Lecture Delivered by Self Improvement Group Held Successfully

Self Improvement Group on Plant Rationalization delivered its first lecture in PIC Education & Training Room at 3 pm, January 7, 2008. President CHOI SUNG RAK, vice president PARK CHAN, the director of Material Department CHOI DAE SOON, general manager of Hull Department KOO SHIN BON, general manager of Education & Culture Department JEON KYUNG JUNG, general manager of Outfitting & Painting Department JUNG YONG KEUN, rationalization guidance teacher, the heads of sections concerned and all the members of Self Improvement Group attended the lecture.

The guidance teacher of Self Improvement Group, Chen Xiang, presided over the lecture. Mr Chen explained the flow and contents of the lecture first, and then, six subgroup leaders of Self Improvement Group, on behalf of their subgroup respectively, delivered their lectures on introduction to their subgroups, reality of on-the-spot improvement between Dec 7 and Jan 6, Best Practice and the sheet of problems found. After the lectures were delivered, President CHOI SUNG RAK awarded the Letter of Appointment of the trainee of the First Self Improvement Group of DSSC to the representatives of Self Improvement Group. Subsequently, the president CHOI SUNG RAK delivered an address, ˇ°We can see from the lecture that, with mutual efforts made by the teacher and the members, Self Improvement Group has made a great improvement to the spot and some irrational phenomenon since its establishment. The improvement we have made mainly focused on 5S, visual management, safety and other visible issues. I hope that we can keep deepening the improvement in our future improvement practice, from external to deep internal. In order to attain our production target of 180,000 tons in 2008 and our objective of striving towards a top international marine equipment manufacturer, I will continue to support the construction of plant rationalization. And I believe that, with our efforts and enthusiasm, we will surely realize our objective of rationalization construction and our production target as well. ˇ±

Self Improvement Group had experienced hardships and frustrations during this one month of on-the-spot working. The members had solved all the problems with their unification. We hope that we will make efforts to practice new knowledge, implement rational methods in our future works, and endeavor to attain our objectives. We also hope that the field workers will provide coordination and assistance to the relevant works carried out by Self Improvement Group on Plant Rationalization.