Title   Spot Lecture by Self Improvement Group Held Successfully

Self Improvement Group on Plant Rationalization delivered a spot lecture at 11 am, January 24, 2008. President CHOI SUNG RAK, vice president PARK CHAN, general manager of Hull Department KOO SHIN BON, general manager of Quality & Safety Department SHIN KWANG HO, general manager of Education & Culture Department JEON KYUNG JUNG, general manager of Outfitting & Painting Department JUNG YONG KEUN, rationalization guidance teacher, and all the members of Self Improvement Group attended the lecture.

During the lecture, the representatives of Self Improvement Group introduced the reality of on-the-spot improvement, and Best Practice, etc. On-the-spot improvement is the development and creation of some auxiliary tools for 5S, improvement of production efficiency, and achievement of 1830 target. Along with the elapse of time, improvement activities carried out by Self Improvement Group develops from the exterior to the interior, and goes into a deep level. They are making their contributions to the achievement of our 180000 target in 2008 and our objective of a top international marine equipment manufacturer. A lot of good improvement practices were brought to the lecture. We should promote and implement these good examples throughout the company, to attain our objective set.

Till now, the first Self Improvement Group has implemented the improvement activities for about two months. During this period, all the members have experienced hardships and kept making progress. The frustrations and hardships have been solved one by one through mutual efforts of all the members and coordination of the departments. We hope that all of us will continue to practice the rationalized methods in our future works, and make efforts to attain higher objectives and better achievement.