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  - HSE £¨Health, Safety & Environment Protection£©
HSE Philosophy
DSME SHANDONG CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ¡°DSSC¡±). Respecting humanism and humanitarianism, protecting environment, shouldering social responsibilities and fulfilling social obligations. Meanwhile, taking safety, health and environment protection as its top concerns in its all operations and creating a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for all employees. Exerting its outmost to prevent production disasters and eliminating negative impact on environment from the perspective of management.
HSE Conviction
DSSC builds HSE in line with basic principles based on respecting others and caring for others.
HSE Principle of Actions
- HSE never compromises with other forces. ( No.1 Principle of HSE)
- Once hazard is identified safety element will immediately take effect and vigorously involve in preventive activities. (Preventive
- Working hard to improve health and working environment for healthy life quality without disease. (Healthcare Principle)
- Actively participating environment friendly activities in a bid to build a zero-pollution green shipyard.(Envirnement friendly principle)
- Fulfilling obligations with responsive actions. (Responsibility and Obligation)
  - Safety
DSME SHANDONG CO., LTD.  considers health and safety of employees as its priorities and actively build a working place that is free of accidents through various safety management mechanisms. All employees, from on-the-spot safety staff to on-the-spot manager and supervisor, shall specify safety issues in daily safety education and prior to doing job and make it a habit. All efforts should be taken to prevent danger and ensure safety management by conducting safety activities focusing on work place.
Implement production
disaster prevention mechanism

-Regular and special safety check in the company
-implement HSE education and training mechanism
(education for new employees, regular education)
- key areas safety management focusing on work spot
(install protection exit, put in order/overhaul, gas/facility safety management etc.)
-reinforcing safety management in nighttime work to ensure safety
-implement safe working approval system
(work approval shall be obtained before conducting any work in sealed area)
-clarify beforehand/manage danger elements through job safety analysis (JSA)
-put into operation HSE Incentive Program
Other activities

-regularly holding safety and health consultation meeting with its cooperative companies
-conducting safety evaluation on cooperative companies and giving advise
-conducting safety check before introducing new equipment or new technique
-developing various safety campaign activities
(publishing HSE leaflet every week/Accident Express etc)
-establish/adopt standard working methods to guarantee safety work
  - Healthcare

To ensure the health of employees of DSSC, a clinic is set up within the company, to provide emergency aid in case of an accident. Healthcare enquiry is also available to the employees while slight diseases can be cured. Meanwhile, close cooperation is maintained with regional medical institution. Health check-up and control of individual patients cases will ensure a healthy life for all employees while working with DSSC.


DSSC introduced international management system on safety and health upon its establishment in 2007 for purpose of an efficient protection of its employees¡¯ safety and health. During all the stages from the start of designing to after-sales service, dangerous factors affecting safety and health will be under control and receive treatment. Continuous efforts are made for a safe and easy working environment for employees.

  - environment
By conducting a thorough control over various environments and aspects like the atmosphere, water quality, rejected materials, DSSC has fulfilled its social obligation as an environment-friendly enterprise, and has led its employees in carrying out colorful social activities in improving environment.

With full awareness of the significance of environment protection, DSSC introduced international environment management system (ISO14001) upon its establishment in 2007. During all the stages from the start of designing to after-sales service, dangerous factors jeopardizing environment will be under control beforehand and receive due treatment. Continuous efforts are made for building up an environment-friendly company.