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Deliver resume
Please browse the information on job vacancies at DSSC, and complete the form for job application on line.
Review resume
After screening the resumes received, the company will arrange an interview for the qualified applicant according to the requirements of user department. Manuscript resume, resume without contact telephone, or with false contents will be deemed as a nonconforming resume. No interview will be arranged for applicant at this stage.
Please take your interview at the designated place at the fixed time, and bring the originals of your diploma, ID card, and various qualification certificates along with you. Please observe the fixed time of interview strictly. Keep due etiquette during the interview, respect the interviewer and answer questions of the interviewer in an active manner.
Physical examination
According to the companys arrangement for physical examination, wait at the designated place for physical examination, bringing your ID card and a 1-inch hat-free color photo along with you. Make sure not to have breakfast, and not to drink alcohol within 24 hours before physical examination for the accuracy of physical examination result.
  - Contact mode

Mr. LI , Mr.Han
  - Note:

Please send your resume to our company directly. Application for a job through any intermediate agency or any individual shall not be attended to. No direct visit will be received.